Ground Media

BREATHE IN: Fighting the World's Deadliest Disease


Breathe In is a 20-minute short film that tells the story of Kelsey, a 5-year old from Houston, TX, as she moves through treatment for tuberculosis, the world’s deadliest infectious disease. It was produced in partnership with Johnson & Johnson as part of a larger Social Impact Campaign to raise awareness about TB across the globe. The film has been screened at several congressional briefings and health conferences, and is being integrated into a broad national impact campaign.

Every year, 1 million children around the world are infected with this airborne and contagious bacteria, and the United States sees 10,000 total cases of TB. Houston has an incidence rate that is three times higher than the national average. This film offers a personal look at the faces behind the numbers, and the dedicated health care workers who are fighting to save lives every day.