Ground Media



We propose to create an interactive microsite using video, graphics and text, that tells the story of the history, impact and future direction of the Disney Conservation Fund.

We know that real stories of hope, inspiration and change can move people to act. We have the ability to find those stories and use them as the foundation for your entire campaign. We propose to create an interactive microsite that tells the story of the history, impact and future direction of the Disney Conservation Fund. We would work with you to find the individual grassroots stories that best represent your main communications goals, and then build those stories out to convey your broader messaging. This will allow us to promote a single site to all audiences, while also giving DCF a suite of multimedia deliverables to leverage across the foundation’s social media footprint, marketing strategy and communications plans.

The microsite would capture the emotion and audacity of the foundation, while incorporating your brand into dynamic storytelling content.

Our team spent over 6-months traveling the world for the DCF in 2015, documenting projects on 11 species in 8 countries . Because of this, we have a working knowledge of the content currently available for a new campaign, what gaps there are to fill, and how to take a new approach to telling your story.

In addition, our expertise in creative production and digital strategy will allow you to work with a single agency from concept through distribution. The kind of interactive storytelling campaign that we are proposing can inspire an audience, create new champions for a cause, change a conversation or increase brand affinity.


The site below represents how we can blend long-form storytelling with film, graphics and animation into a seamless interactive experience. We would draw inspiration from this site, but build on it with increased high-quality film production, historical content and emotional videos.

We would include several layers to the navigation of the site, allowing users to follow the DCF journey chronologically, by species or by region. For example, a user could explore all of the work you have done in Latin America, decide to focus on the work you do with elephants, or choose to see which programs existed at any point in time during your history. This would be a living, breathing piece of history - it would be akin to updating the book you did for the 20th, moving it online and adding content from the past 5 years. By using dynamic, interactive storytelling as the foundation of the microsite, we will allow users to personally engage with specific project data, key narratives and the overall message of the DCF.

Journey of the Jaguar | PANTHERA

This site is a basic representation of how we can incorporate maps, graphics, animation, videos and still photos into a seamless interactive experience.

“ Jaguars face rapid habitat loss, poachers, and population isolation, all of which are threatening the species’ health and existence. Without proactive conservation measures, these beautiful creatures may ultimately face extinction. Panthera’s Dr. Alan Rabinowitz is traveling  to jaguar country  to secure the 5,000-mile Jaguar Corridor that runs from Mexico to Argentina.”


Below are a selection of videos that represent the kind of work we could add to the website. Some of the work was produced as part of the DCF 20th project, and some is other work we have produced.



We used the same footage from the short film to produce a 60-second version optimized for social media.


We propose incorporating GFX, animation and original footage, similar to what we’ve done in the clip to the left.

There are a variety of styles and templates that we could use to add interesting content to your story. Below is a PSA we produced on gun violence, but we can imagine doing something similar featuring scientists, conservationists or students who participate in DCF supported programs.