We work with partners to defend the rights of individuals around the world.

Our expertise in storytelling is an ideal fit for campaigns centered on human rights. We use it as a tactic to communicate our shared human experience, build empathy and understanding, and inspire action.

We worked with the GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) to produce a campaign centered on a short film about Nic Talbott, an Air Force recruit who is challenging the ban that keeps transgender Americans from serving in the military. The film is about Nic’s commitment to serve, told from his perspective, and amplifies his voice as a leader in the movement. GLAD is working to educate and move new audiences to support overturning the ban.

In 2019, there were 166 homicides in Washington, DC and 12 of the victims were students. Pathways 2 Power (P2P) is a student-led organization formed in the wake of the murders of two students at Thurgood Marshall Academy in Southeast DC. We worked with P2P to launch their organization and amplify their voice through a Public Service Announcement, earned media campaign and website launch.

We worked with Johnson & Johnson on broad storytelling experiences to help elevate issues of global infectious diseases and motivate a more forceful response from important stakeholders and decision makers. The project included documentary film, interactive storytelling exhibits, and CSR Marketing. The short film has been screened at Congressional briefings, health conferences and incorporated into medical school curricula.

Living Art is an educational outreach program that uses innovative storytelling modules based on documentary film. The program engages graduate level students and future health care professionals on issues of disability, inclusion and accessible health care. The foundation of this program is a short documentary film featuring Mara Clawson. The film has screened at festivals and health conferences across the country.

We partnered with CARE to create a video series about the experiences of three celebrity chefs as they traveled to Mozambique. The series formed the basis of an advocacy campaign aimed at elevating the issue of global hunger through the voices of the celebrity chefs themselves. We leveraged audience familiarity with the chef’s in a reality TV format, placing each of the chefs in real situations, meeting real people, and having authentic experiences.

The Gill Foundation asked us to create a series of short films to reflect 25 years of ground-breaking work to secure equal rights for all Americans. The campaign honors the successes and struggles of the past, while inspiring the audience to forge ahead for the future. The films include interviews with icons like Vice President Joe Biden and Gov. Kathleen Sebelius – as well as visionaries who are shaping the movement for the next generation.

We worked with the Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) to turn the stories of public health advocates into an impact campaign aimed at ensuring the bi-annual replenishment of the Global Fund. We produced four videos and four photo-stories on survivors from eight different countries. These formed the centerpiece of a digital marketing campaign and helped reinforce GFAN’s global speakers bureau.

The Lincoln Network and the OpenGov Foundation asked us to help them recognize members of congress who are using technology to make our government more efficient and transparent. We worked with them on a video series to help promote The Doorstop Awards, an annual ceremony they hold in Washington, D.C. 

After 50 years, The Union brought their annual conference online in 2020. The conference is the world’s preeminent lung health event and demanded an emotionally engaging run of show that still stayed true to the science being presented. The event brought together over 5000 researchers, scientists, health workers, policymakers and advocates from around the world.


We produce Commercial, PR and Social Impact campaigns for some of the world’s most innovative companies and leading non-profit organizations. We embed strategic messaging into a variety of visual media storytelling assets that meet our audience where they consume information and deliver content with power and feeling. 


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