Saving The Great American West

Over 95% of the world’s temperate grasslands have been destroyed and there are only 4 areas left in the world where an entire grassland ecosystem can be saved and preserved. The American Prairie Reserve (APR) has developed an innovative conservation solution to save one of these ecosystems in northern Montana. APR asked us to help reframe their story as part of a digital campaign in order to firm up stakeholder support and win new allies.


We created a suite of storytelling assets to communicate how APR is saving one of America’s iconic landscapes. We combined findings from audience research with the real life stories of APR stakeholders to create a new brand story that could speak to a wide audience. The assets were then leveraged across the organization’s digital footprint and at live events.


We produced storytelling experiences to help engage and excite audiences at live events that APR had planned. This included storytelling videos, scenic projections of the Reserve’s iconic landscape and assets for speaker presentations.


This short emotional Anthem video was used as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy and live event experience.

Behind the Scenes

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