Using Science To Promote Wind Power

The American Wind & Wildlife Institute (AWWI) asked us to refresh their brand story in honor of their 10th anniversary. Through an exhaustive research and discovery phase we uncovered the ideal projects and subjects who could bring their mission to life. The film we created honors the organization’s founders, celebrates all of their accomplishments, and charts a course for the future.


We convened a dozen of the country’s leaders on wind energy to discuss the impact of AWWI. We then blended that narrative with documentary storytelling from a wind farm and innovative motion graphics to give our audience an inspiring and informational look at AWWI’s new brand story.


We wanted to find an innovative way to communicate both the awesome beauty of the wildlife that AWWI protects, and the in-depth science and research that they support. We worked with an accredited trainer and rehabilitator of birds of prey to safely attach a GoPro to an eagle. We then came up with a graphic interface to convey the incredible amount of data that is gathered and analyzed in order to protect them.

Behind the Scenes

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