Saving Endangered Species and Our Planet

Since 1995, the Disney Conservation Fund (DCF) has dedicated over $100 million dollars to supporting non-profit organizations working to save wildlife and protect the planet. Disney asked us to create a new brand story that celebrated the fund’s impact. We focused on the stories of conservation heroes and endangered species around the world, creating a series of films with relatable messages about the company’s corporate commitments.


Over 6 months, we traveled to 11 locations in 8 countries in order to show the breadth and depth of all that the Disney Conservation Fund had accomplished. The ensuing films showcase each of the endangered species that Disney had committed to protecting, and the people working to make it possible.


The collection of storytelling assets were incorporated into live event experiences at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, bringing the magic and wonder of the natural world to all of the guests at Disney World.


This short emotional Anthem video was used as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy and live event experience.

Behind the Scenes

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