Turning Survivor Stories Into Action

We worked with the Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) to turn the stories of public health advocates into an impact campaign aimed at ensuring the bi-annual replenishment of the Global Fund. We produced four videos and four photo-stories on survivors from eight different countries. These formed the centerpiece of a digital marketing campaign and helped reinforce GFAN’s global speakers bureau.


Four short films were the centerpiece of the campaigns. We worked with real survivors whose narratives naturally drew attention to GFAN’s strategic messaging. Our light and agile crews were able to efficiently travel all over the world to provide a thorough look at each survivor’s life story.


Erika’s experience with the Global Fund saved her life, and also helped her build the leadership skills necessary to become a world-renowned advocate working on a variety of human rights issues related to people living with HIV.

Behind the Scenes

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