Financing Global Public Health

We worked with Johnson & Johnson on broad storytelling experiences to help elevate issues of global infectious diseases and motivate a more forceful response from important stakeholders and decision makers. The project included documentary film, interactive storytelling exhibits, and CSR Marketing. The short film has been screened at Congressional briefings, health conferences and incorporated into medical school curricula.


We developed and designed a traveling exhibit that educates, inspires and motivates key audiences to take action through the use of interactive storytelling modules. The exhibit includes traditional photo displays, VR immersions and other sensory experiences that leverage documentary film and photography.


We produced a short film on childhood TB in Houston, TX that offers a personal look at the faces behind the numbers, and the dedicated health care workers who are fighting to save lives every day. Watch an excerpt below from this important public health story.


Johnson & Johnson and Save The Children have been partnering to help children worldwide for over 20 years. This video communicates the power behind that partnership by focusing on the children that are being helped, who they are, and what they represent for our future.

Behind the Scenes

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