Education Outreach For Accessibility

Living Art is an educational outreach program that uses innovative storytelling modules based on documentary film. The program engages graduate level students and future health care professionals on issues of disability, inclusion and accessible health care. The foundation of this program is a short documentary film featuring Mara Clawson. The film has screened at festivals and health conferences across the country.


The foundation of this program is a short film about Mara Clawson, a brilliant visual artist battling a life-threatening genetic disease. As Mara prepares for the largest gallery show of her young career, she shows us what it means to create both art and a life inspired by love and kindness.


The goal of this project is to modify the attitudes and behavior of future health care professionals and provide them with the necessary awareness, motivation and belief that there is a need to properly care for and treat patients with disabilities.

Behind the Scenes

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