Educating A New Generation Of Explorers

We have produced content for National Geographic across a variety of platforms to help engage and grow their family of educational communities. For both student and educator audiences, the assets we developed are used across live events, educator platforms, classroom resources and digital marketing. We always keep one mandate in mind: help students experience the wonder and amazement of the natural world without leaving their homes and classrooms.


We know that we always have to keep the awesome beauty of the natural world at the forefront for National Geographic. Here, we produced a year-end look at how supporters around the world continue to help National Geographic accomplish its core mission. This is, at once, a thank you letter and a rousing call to action.


Every year educational communities around the world participate in a variety of National Geographic sponsored programs, including the Geo Challenge and the National Geographic Educators Network. We were asked to help reach those communities and encourage them to join the network and help inspire the next generation of explorers and conservation heroes.


National Geographic wanted a rousing celebration video of 30 years of the annual Geography Bee. We combed through the entire archive of Geo Bee shows to build a natural anthem including footage from all 30 years. The video was a celebration of everyone who helps make the Bees happen and all who have participated – it was also an invitation to the next generation of explorers to join the story.

Behind the Scenes

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