Ending Gun Violence In Washington, DC

In 2019, there were 166 homicides in Washington, DC and 12 of the victims were students. Pathways 2 Power (P2P) is a student-led organization formed in the wake of the murders of two students at Thurgood Marshall Academy in Southeast DC. We worked with P2P to launch their organization and amplify their voice through a Public Service Announcement, earned media campaign and website launch.


The centerpiece of our campaign was a PSA that featured the students as the writers, actors and voice of the video. This approach helped the organization build their own voice, empowered the students to use that voice and fulfilled the “student-led” mission of the organization.


We worked with Link Strategies on an earned media strategy that included a media launch of the PSA. The event–led by the students themselves–was held at Ben’s Chili Bowl and included the DC Chief of Police and two Council Members. The event was covered by a variety of media, including two TV stations.


We created a streamlined website for P2P that included all of the relevant information, but had a design, content management system and back-end structure that was simple enough for the students to maintain on their own without the need for additional staff or budget.

Behind the Scenes

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