Building Community through Wind Power

We worked with Pattern Energy on a brand commercial that tells the positive story of the company’s community engagement and impact, specifically for consumers who may not have an understanding of the far-reaching benefits of a clean energy economy. Rather than focus on the environmental benefits of wind power, the story highlights the variety of ways that wind development can impact the daily lives of real people.


Pattern aims to benefit and revitalize communities near their projects, so we were able to work with them to identify and cast real subjects whose lives had improved thanks to wind development – from students who had received scholarships to small business owners who had seen an uptick in business.


One of our primary goals with this commercial was to communicate the economic impact that a clean energy economy brings and the power that has to improve all aspects of a community, from schools to local businesses. We spent several weeks interviewing and visiting local community members in order to find the ideal subjects for the commercial.

Behind the Scenes

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