A Historic Virtual Conference

After 50 years, The Union brought their annual conference online in 2020. The conference is the world’s preeminent lung health event and demanded an emotionally engaging run of show that still stayed true to the science being presented. The event brought together over 5000 researchers, scientists, health workers, policymakers and advocates from around the world.


It was imperative to immediately engage the thousands of attendees, inspire them to participate in 4 days of virtual events, and communicate important messaging. We coordinated the filming of live remarks around the world and produced an opening video highlighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and the role scientists and health workers have played in finding solutions.


We wanted to ensure that the story of The Union was ever present during the conference and that participants were exposed to The Union brand throughout. In addition, we wanted the video to seamlessly fit into the visual design of the conference and function as a standalone marketing piece that could be deployed across The Union’s digital footprint.

Behind the Scenes

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